Bathroom Modifications

As we age and stay at home longer, there may be a need to remodel or modify your existing bathroom. The following is a list of modifications we recommend for our elderly clients in order to reduce the risk of falling and increase the safety and security.

  • Replace old bathtubs with showers
  • Install handrails and grip bars both in the shower and around the toilet
  • Shower benches
  • Adjusting the height of toilets
  • Changing the door size to accommodate a wheelchair or walker

These modifications can be expensive but are totally worth the cost. Personally, Some of our clients have modified their bathrooms by removing the bathtub and installing a shower. The change permits the client to transfer from a wheelchair to bath chair with less effort than having to climb into a tub. It also allows for the Home Aides to better access the client and assist with the bath.
Some Florida Medicaid recipients can qualify to have their bathrooms modified at no cost through grants provided through non-profit organizations such as Steps in the Right Direction.