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Top three reasons why I am missing money in my pay.

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Reason #1 Past Due Items in Axxess

All visits/services in the past due column in Axxess Homecare cannot be billed or paid until they are completed. In Axxess Homecare the services include a little house and the color of the house defines the visit status.

  1. The Grey Houses – These visits do not have a clock in and clock out time so it means that this visit is late and was never started. In order to fix this you need to call the Agency.
  2. The Yellow Houses – Visits with yellow houses mean that the visit was started by clocking in but the visit was not completed meaning there is no clock out. To fix this contact the Agency so we can clock you out and you can then complete the visit note.
  3. The Green houses – The green houses mean there is EVV time registered so there is a clock in and clock out time. The only problem is that the visit note has not been completed. To fix this simply open the visit and complete the visit note.

The goal is to have zero (0) items in the PAST DUE column.

Reason #2 – You worked less hours than you were scheduled

If you are scheduled to work for 4 hours and you only worked 3 hours than you will only be paid for 3 hours and the Agency will only be allowed to bill 3 hours or the amount of ours worked. To avoid this please work your entire scheduled time

Reason #3 – You moved hours around or worked unscheduled hours

Please do not move hours around without first having approval from the Agency. If you have a need to move hours around you must first contact the Agency to make those arrangements. Example: The client or patients has asked to do extra hours on Thursday because on Saturday she will be going to church with family. Prior to Thursday contact the Agency to see if we can move the hours around. Moving hours maybe dependent on the Insurance or clients plan but the Agency will do its best accommodate the change.

The Agency now has a new SUPPORT TEAM, they are here to help you with EVV (electronic visit verification) and Scheduling. To reach them please dial “6” on our new automated phone menu. The support team is available M-F from 8:00am to 4:30pm and we are on call for after hours and weekends.

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