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Important Announcement March 1, 2020

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First, I want to thank everyone for your cooperating with the implementation of the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system. I know AXXESS may not be the easiest application but for us it is the best. We have been using AXXESS for years and if you have been working with us you would know that we have been using AXXESS for a long time.

If you have been doing EVV and are able to complete and sign your visit note on the app, please do not complete a paper note. Please make sure you complete your notes everyday otherwise that will not be able to be billed or paid.

Beginning March 1, 2020, we are eliminating the paper weekly visit note that we have been using for years for LONG TERM CARE AND MMA PATIENTS ONLY. We are replacing the weekly note with a daily note that is only for use when you have a problem completing EVV. The new note only covers 1 visit. We can no longer accept notes that include more than 1 day. When you use the new note, you will need to contact the Agency to report you have a problem and you need to select a reason why you are using the note.

On the top of the note there are some questions we need to complete; the questions are as follow:

Did you report this issue to the Agency? / ¿Informó este problema a la Agencia? Yes  No 
Reason for NOT using EVV Motivo para NO usar EVV
 Device Failure / Falla del dispositivo
 The patient is not on my schedule or calendar / El paciente no está en mi horario o calendario
 I am covering for another Home Health Aide/ Estoy cubriendo a otro asistente o HHA

Here is a link to download the new notes:
LONG TERM CARE NOTE (Note with No vital signs) Click Here
MMA (Note with vital signs) Click Here

Please complete the questions since we have to provide AHCA with the reason we were unable to complete the electronic visit verification otherwise known as EVV.
This is a warning, we started full EVV on February 1 and there are some workers refusing to do EVV. After March 1, we won’t be able to bill and you won’t be paid.

This is a final notice to begin EVV on March 1. We have been assisting everyone the entire month of February in person in the office, we have produced training videos on our YouTube channel and we have handed out instruction sheets, we have sent warnings by email and text and posted information on our website. There is no excuse for not doing EVV, if you decide you are not going to do EVV you will not be able to work at Caring Professional Services as of March 1.

Once again, thank you for your support and cooperation during this difficult time as we convert the Agency from paper to electronic notes and EVV.

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